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Grozeo offers personalized recommendations, a streamlined shopping experience, exclusive deals, and 24/7 customer support. Join Grozeo for a convenient, customized, and cost-effective shopping experience.

Store Creation

Grozeo simplifies online store creation, allowing merchants to build their own store in minutes, no technical expertise needed

Easy Setup Quick Store Creation Secure Authentication Integrated KYC Regulatory Compliance Instant Domain & SSL Operational Store

Store Management

Ditch the tech jargon! Grozeo's user-friendly platform makes managing your online store a breeze, no coding required

User-Friendly Platform Hyper local Stores Customizable Appearance Mobile App Creation Social Media Templates Store Group

Product Management

Give your customers the full picture! Include all the information they'd expect to find in your store, right at their fingertips

Brand Gallery Easy Product Addition Create Own Products Inventory Updates Sell at your Price Accelerated Sales

Store Front

Your customer interface should allow users to effortlessly discover what you offer through a robust search function.

Theme-Based Building Integrated Calculations Marketplace Conversion Operational Efficiency Ecom Mobile Apps PWA (Progressive Web Application) Seamless Search

Need help to create your store ?

With Grozeo, you can set up your online store in a matter of minutes and pay nothing up front. Sign up here to give it a go at making an online store. Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time for assistance; we'd be happy to welcome your store to our network.

Customer Experience

Savvy online sellers understand – prioritise a seamless and enjoyable experience for your customers!

Unified Accounts Auto Delivery Mode Common Wallet Product Wish List Order History Responsive UI

Sales & Return Fulfilment

Happy customers are key! Regularly reviewing orders and returns ensures you can address customer needs promptly

Sales Transaction Invoice Management Process Workflow Workflow Interference Processing Hold Return Handling

Assisted Picking & Packing

Get it right the first time! Fulfilling orders accurately and on time minimizes returns and keeps customers happy

Packing Assist Apps Queue Management Auto Polling Order Processing Invoice Mapping Packing Management

Managing Delivery

Speed demon deliveries! Prioritising fast shipping is a powerful tool to win over hesitant online shoppers 

Hyperlocal Delivery Dynamic Hyperlocal Courier Management Managed Fleet Store Managed Delivery Rates Decoupled Booking

Your online store in 3 steps!

1 ...
Register with Phone or Email

To explore Grozeo, provide and get verified your phone number or email.

2 ...
Enter Store details

Enter your store details to help customer easily locate your online presence.

3 ...
Add Products

Add products from Grozeo's exclusive database.

Statuary Administration

Stay informed! Knowing and adhering to your country's online retail regulations is essential for a smooth operation

Statutory Regulations Automated Compliance Invoice Preparation Differential Invoicing Comprehensive Reports Regular Regulatory Updates

Accounts & MIS

Data is power, but reports and analysis unlock it! They transform raw information into actionable insights that drive growth and profitability

DLT Bookkeeping Auto Audit Trails Payment Collection Customer Wallet MIS Reporting Discounted Collection Cost Automated Reconciliation

Customer Communications

Empowered customers are happy customers! Clear and complete information throughout the buying journey is key to building trust and satisfaction

SMS/ Email Services Manageable Templates Dynamic Communications Call Center Administration Chatbot Interaction Order Tracking Auto Updates Abandoned Cart info

Site Visit Analytics

Data is gold, but insights are priceless! Analyse your customer visit data to gain valuable insights into how your store performs online

Integrated Analytics Data Confidentiality Live Visitor Count Visitor Analysis Managed Analytics User Behaviour Insights

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